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Classes resuming at Dalhousie and Chinook Park – June 11, 2021. Classes at the Barn are still on hold.

There are still some guidelines the Dojo’s will be following which include:

  1. Students will be distanced from each other at 2 meters distance
  2. When possible please wear your mask entering and exiting the Dojo, students may still wear a wear in class if they want.
  3. Enhanced hygiene, cleaning and sanitation measures in the dojo should still continue
  4. Please bring a COVID-19 WAIVER completed to every class for contract tracing,
    (One waiver per family is acceptable)
  5. Programs for participants who are not yet of age for vaccine eligibility (11&U) should be run with additional preventative
    measures such as:
  • Additional limits on group sizes
  • Limiting
    activities that involve frequent or reoccurring close contact (ie. sparring)
  • Consideration for activities can be done outside