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Covid-19 Policy

September 22, 2020

Association of Shotokan Karate COVID Guidelines – 2020 Phase 2

The ASK will be reopening indoor training in Calgary October 1, 2020 and in order to proceed with a safe training environment the following COVID Policy will be in place. We are taking extra precautions to make sure individuals are able to train in a healthy and safe space.

Students will need to complete the ASK Checklist for COVID-19 every week in order to enter the dojo. These must be signed by a parent of a minor or a student who is over 18 years old.

Key Things:The checklist will be listed outside the dojo reviewing COVID-19 Policies.  If any answers are “YES”, please leave the dojo and begin self-quarantine.

  • Students are instructed to stay home if they are feeling unwell.
  • If a Sensei notices a student exhibiting any symptoms of illness, that student will be asked to leave.
  • Students are required currently to bring their own equipment and reminded to disinfect it before and after use.
  • Students are encouraged to use the washrooms at home prior to class to help minimize touching surfaces in the different facilities.
  • Students are required to show up in their gi’s and ready to train.
  • Students MUST arrive on time to class – LATE ARRIVALS WILL NOT BE PERMITTED DUE TO SPACE
  • Keep in mind physical contacted will be limited in classes including target holding and partner drills. Sparring is not permitted in Phase 2.
  • Disinfecting products will be available by the Sensei’s. It is encouraged to sanitize hands and feet before and after each class.
  • Class sizes have a MAX of 50 participants – this will be reviewed in the first 2 weeks to see if online registration will become required.

Arriving at Training:

  • Students must wear a mask into the building and into the dojo’s. They are not required during training.
  • All students are encouraged to remain respectful of the personal space of others.
  • Please stay in your respective area in the dojo (some facilities might have taped sections for you to remain in).
  • Parents are asked not to stay unless necessary for the student to help minimize interaction and space capacity.

After Training:

  • No Loitering.
  • Wear your mask to exit the dojo and the facility.
  • Thoroughly wash any materials brought to class including water bottles, clothing, equipment and gi’s.