Grading Information

Grading Syllabus- Black Belt and Up
Grading Syllabus- Kyu to Black Belt
The dojo's Sensei assesses when students are ready to grade through the Association of Shotokan Karate. For a student who practices twice a week, this will usually take 2-3 months. These grading ceremonies happen quarterly at the Association of Shotokan Karate Banzai Location.
It is important for students to remember that the primary focus of training is to improve coordination, balance and flexibility as well as developing a strong focus, respect and confidence. It is not a competition to gain your next kyu rank as quickly as possible. Every student is unique and should focus on their own development. 
Shotokan Kata
The definition of Kata is the detailed choreographed patterns of movements. The focus is a sequence of karate moves organized in a pattern to fight imaginary opponents. These sequences include stances, punches, blocks, sweeps, strikes, kicks and throws. In Shotokan Karate there are 26 katas that highlight controlled, powerful movements in strong stances.
Below is a list of the Shotokan Kata’s and a link to a video demonstration.
Heian Shodan - "Peaceful Mind One"
Heian Yondan - "Peaceful Mind Four"
Tekki Nidan - "Iron Horse Two"

Bassai Sho - "To Penetrate a Fortress – small"
Enpi - "Flying Swallow"

Hangetsu - "Half Moon"
Sochin - "Preserve Peace"
Gojushiho Dai - "54 Steps - Big"
Wankan - "Crown of a King"
Heian Nidan - "Peaceful Mind Two"
Heian Godan - Peaceful Mind Five Universe"
Tekki Sandan - "Iron Horse Three"
Kanku Dai - "To Look at the Sky - big"

Jion - "Love and (goodness)
Jitte - "Ten Hands"
Meikyo - "Mirror of the soul"
Gojushiho Sho - "54 Steps - Small"

Unsu - "Cloud Hands"
Heian Sandan - "Peaceful Mind Three"
Tekki Shodan - "Iron Horse One"
Bassai Dai - "To Penetrate a Fortress - big"
Kanku Sho - "To Look at the Sky - small"
Gankaku - "Crane on the Rock"
Chinte - "Incredible Hands"
Jiin - "Named after the Saint"
Nijushiho - "24 Steps"